Windows 10 technical preview on a Lenovo T60

A page about Windows 10 on a Dell Latitude D820 Here

I've been running Windows 10 Technicar preview on an old IBM T43 just to take a look at it, and since I really like it and want to use it more I realised I had to have a more modern machine to try it on. Ok it runs on my T43, but on a 40GB disk... So I went on and installed it on a IBM T60, at least better than my T43 :) . I had a spare drive for this machine too, so I did not have to touch my original installation of Windows 7 and Ubuntu (dualboot).

This time I put the installation files on a USB drive, the installation goes faster from USB.

To install Windows 10 you need a processor that is 1GHz or faster with support for PAE, NX, and SSE2, and a T60 has all that. It's a Intel(R)_Core(TM)_Duo_CPU T2500 @ 2.00GHz and I have 2 Gb memory installed, a 32-bits installation needs at least 1 Gb.

After pointing my laptop to start from USB the installation worked without anny errors and I had Windows 10 up and running.

A nice surprise was that after having my machine connected to Internet over Wifi for a little while, all hardware had found at least some drivers and was working. Video was Microsoft Basic Display Adapter only, but that was expected. Mouse and trackpoint drivers got installed automatically.

Mouse and trackpoint drivers installed


I tried watching some Youtube videos, but it did not work well, lots of freezing and croppy image. Knowing my internet connection normally is very good, I suspected the video driver to be the problem. On Lenovo site I could find drivers for Vista for my card - ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 - (79d533ww.exe) and by choosing compatability mode for Vista, both for the downloaded file and then for the setup.exe that was extracted, the driver installed without errors. And the driver itself seemed to be working, Youtube videos ran just fine. But the Catalyst Control Center could not be started. I got A MOM.implementation or CCC.implementation error and also Could not load file or assembly 'CLI.Implementation....
I remembered this had to do with .NET files so I started over. Reinstalled Windows 10 and made sure .NET version 3.5 was activated before trying to install the drivers again. And it worked! Now I have a working driver with all the usual resolutions available and access to Catalyst Control program. I havn't made any changes yet, it runs fine as it is.

Video drivers installed on Windows 10

I also installed some more drivers:

ThinkVantage Active Protection System driver for Windows 8, n15sa03w.exe, downloaded from Lenovo installed just fine and seems to be running.

And so far everything seems to be working fine. Hopefully in the future I can have Windows 10 as the main system on this machine, when the RTM version is released. Until then I will switch back to my regular Windows 7 disk when I need to do som regular work on my T60. And test things on Windows 10 separately. Lots of disk switching, but OK.