Virtual machines

I like playing around with my old computers, and I like to still be able to start those old Windows versions. But I have no longer access to hardware they can be installed on. So I was very lucky when a friend introduced me to using virtual machines. It gives me a chance to have all those old versions of Windows available. I do this just for fun, I have no real use for this. But I like y old machines. All my installations are all in swedish, and if you are a swedish reader you might want to go here.

The first program I started to use was Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, and I'm still using it. But I also have Virtualbox installed on another cold laptop.These older Virtual machines are made using Virtual PC 2007.

Windows 3.11 for workshops

It took me some time to make my Windows 3.11 machines, I had some trouble finding the Swedish version of Internet Explorer 5.01. But now it's running fine, with internet connection. For tips on how to make the installation you can follow these links:


Virtual Windows 3.11

This Virtual Windows 3.11 machine was created with Vista as host and then transfered to a Windows 8 host. Virtual PC 2007 is not supposed to run under Windows 8, but it can be done.

Some files that can be useful if you are trying to create a Virtual Windows 3.11 machine

Virtual additions for DOS is included in Virtual PC 2004 - disk image here, install this in DOS before installing 3.11

Install sound drivers in DOS and add SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 H5 P330 T6 i autoexecute.bat - drivers Iso

Make a small edit in aotoexecute.bat "REM out diagnose i autoexecute.bat" to get rid of the error message.

Install video driver from CD, Windows installations, manufacturer disk, Trio64/32 800x600 16m SF ready made iso with driver

Install network, follow the instructions from VirtualPCguy's blog above Ready made Iso with driver

TCP/IP stack must also be installed: Windows 3.11 TCP/IP stack iso

Y2k update from Microsoft

Fonter Iso

And when you have been using your machine for a while it's a good thing to compact it. A program to "zero out" empty space in this old machine is Shred - the version to use with 16-bit installations is here Use it carefully. The program can erase your machine if you use the wrong commands.

After that you can use the compacting function of Virtual PC 2007.

Hope you have fun - I had, and still have!