Virtual machines

At first I only had the English version of Windows NT 4, but later I found the Swedish version, so I reinstalled my machines. Well, I actually made new ones, tried them to see if they worked alright and then deleted the old ones. That's what I like about virtual machines.

Windows NT

I have now installed Windows NT4 on both Virtual PC 2007 and Virtualbox. Both installations went without any issues. If you want to install Guest Additions in VPC 2007 you must first install Sp6 for NT4, English version is easy to find. If you are making a Swedish installation you might wat to read my Swedish page here. To install the Guest Additions you must use the file from Virtual PC 2004, the iso is here.


Virtual Windows NT4

After you have been using your machine the file will start to grow and you need to campact it. To prepare the machine for that you can use the Precompact iso from VPC 2004, works on both Virtual PC 2007 and Virtualbox. Then you use the compacting function from your program.

Hope you have fun - I had, and still have!