Virtual machines

Windows 95

Windows 95 is the virtual machine that has caused me most crashes. That good old bluescreen keeps showing up no matter what I do. But I remember seeing it now and then long ago, when I used Windows 95 as my main system. But it is only the virtual machine that crashes, not Virtual PC 2007. Its a good thing you can use Undo Disks in Virtual PC.

For some reason Windows 95 refused to install from the old CD I had, I got messages about files not found, and the installation stopped. But after copying all files to the virtual C:drive and starting the installation from there, it worked. I copied in DOS, after starting my machine with a virtual copy of a Win 95 startup floppy (swedish).

After installing the OS you need to install chipset drivers ( for Virtual PC 2007) Download ready made ISO here.


Virtual Windows 95 defrag

After you have been using your machine the file will start to grow and you need to campact it. To prepare the machine for that you can use the Precompact iso from VPC 2004, works on both Virtual PC 2007 and Virtualbox. Then you use the compacting function from your program.

Hope you have fun - I had, and still have!