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Here I keep English versions of some of the pages that are on the sites I run that are in Swedish. And some "English only" pages.

Installing Windows 10 on an old IBM T43

It was easy, and gave me a chance to check this new Windows version.

Windows 10 technical preview Windows 10

Windows 10 Technical preview on a Lenovo T60

Windows 10 on a Dell Latitude D820

Dualbooting preinstalled Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 15.04

Dualbooting Windows 10 and Ubuntu on my T43

It did work, and I learned a few things - to the page

Windows Recovery Environment

Freeware programs

I keep a list of freeeware computer programs that I have found useful and would like to recommend to others. It's about programs that can be used without cost, not just for a testing period. It's a personal list with programs I use myself. This list is not a translation. Only English version exists.

Virtual Machines

I really love to play around with Operating programs, starting up those no longer used versions of Windows...
So I have made a collection of Virtual Machines to be able to do that. My virtual machines are made from Swedish versions of Windows, but there is not much difference using any other language.

About installing a Virtual Windows 3.11 machine

Virtual NT 4

Virtual Windows 95

More to come...

Stick Insects

Here is a page about home grown food for Stick Insects (very useful if you live in a country with cold winters, with no leaves just snow outdoors).Stick Insect

I originally wrote this page in Swedish, you can find it here, Bohuset (page in Swedish).

Making candles at home with the help of tealights

An easy way to use leftover wax.

Home made candles

About Sims 1


My pages with downloads for The Sims and Sims 2 - Somesimthings - can be found here Somesimthingts logo